Colors & Finishes of BaySquirrel Ceiling Fans

Baysquirrel is an official manufacturer of quality retractable ceiling fans. There are many great products in the assortment. We strongly believe that you will find your perfect retractable ceiling fan out of the products available.


To better match different interior styles, BaySquirrel offers retractable ceiling fans in 3 popular colors and finishes:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Black.

Which color to select?

Well, that depends on the interior you plan to use your new retractable ceiling fan in. If the room is furnished in a classy elegant style, you should pay attention to invisible ceiling fans in gold color. Besides, if the door handles and other interior elements are gold, the ceiling fan chandelier in gold will perfectly match them. If you like that luxury touch, pay attention to the models with crystals. They look great, especially when the LED lights are on.

If the room features that reserved and simple style, it is a good idea to pay attention to the silver ceiling fans. Silver will better look in interiors with white ceiling and white or gray walls, as these colors complement each other. If you have blueish wallpaper, you can also consider a silver ceiling fan for your room. You can also benefit from the color-changing LED function if you would like the LED color to match the color of the wallpaper.

There are not too many black retractable ceiling fans in the assortment offered by BaySquirrel. Yet, if you are looking for a great retractable ceiling fan for a room in modern, contrasting, or high-tech style, pay attention to solutions in black. So, just consider the interior details and review the assortment of invisible ceiling fans to get the one you will enjoy for years to come.

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