Retractable Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light [Color: Silver]

BaySquirrel is an official manufacturer of a truly innovative product, that will improve the interior of any house, apartment, cafe, or hotel room. Baysquirrel is a company that offers retractable ceiling fans, that feature plenty of features, such as color-changing LED lights, stereo music, Bluetooth app, and remote control operation, and much more. If you are looking for a ceiling fan, but you do not really like that old-fashioned design, check out the products by BaySquirrel. You will find the perfect ceiling fan with light and retractable function that will look great in your interior.


BaySquirrel Celling Fans

BaySquirrel Ceiling Fans


BaySquirrel Retractable Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light [Color: Silver]

This retractable steering fan by BaySquirrel features a high-tech design and does not have many crystals. So, it will easily work in almost any interior, where you need to benefit from quality lighting and air circulation, provided by this product. Note, that when you do not need the fan, you can easily hide it, as the fan is retractable. So, you will see only the chandelier, with no blades exposed.
Technical details:Materials and functions:Room requirements for perfect operation:
Number of blades: 4
Included also: Remote control
Product dimensions: 42 x 42 x 18 inches
Product weight: 24 lbs
Diameter: 42 inch
Speaker type: Bluetooth speaker
Bulb Type: LED (7 colors changing)
Color: Silver
Materials: Stainless steel, ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Voltage: 110 V
Energy consumption: 36 W
15 - 30 sq.m.
2 down-rods included: 4.9 in and 9.8 in.
You can use iLamp app (Play Market, App Store) to control this device
Timing function to automatically close: 1hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours
Ceiling fan speeds: high (cooling wind), middle (natural wind), low (sleep wind)

Energy Guide

Here is an estimated yearly energy cost of the BaySquirrel ceiling fan.

  • $11 – is the price of energy consumed by this ceiling fan.
  • The cost range of similar models with diameters between 19 and 30 inches varies between $3 and $34.
  • Calculations are made based on the average price being 12 cents per kWh and 6.4 hours of use per day.
  • Note, that the energy cost depends on the rates and use of your device. Energy use: 40 Watts.
  • Ceiling fan specification is airflow speed being 4527 cubic feet per minute.

Note, that the higher the airflow is, the more air the fan is going to move.
Airflow efficiency: 89 cubic feet per minute, per Watt.

Bluetooth Ceiling Fans

Bluetooth is a great feature to have for a ceiling fan. Sure thing, all retractable ceiling fans come equipped with remote control. Yet, if you have a smartphone, you can install a free application (iLamp) from Google Play or App Store and enjoy all functions of your new ceiling fan!

5 Functions of Bluetooth BaySquirrel Ceiling Fans

  1. You can listen to the music you have on your phone from the speaker you have in the headlight. Just use iLamp application to do that.
  2. You can select the color of the LED light from your mobile app.
  3. You can select the light output (daytime white, cool white or warm white).
  4. If you have a Bluetooth app, you can set up one of 3 speeds of the fan.
  5. Using Bluetooth, you can set up the time for the fan to close.

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